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Save Big on our cutting-edge cycling sunglasses. Engineered for performance, our sleek designs provide unparalleled clarity and protection on every journey.

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Check The Look

Check The Look

Customer Reviews

  • Hannah J.


    We love our GBS lenses. Literally the only sunglasses we buy now. They have a great finish and feels super comfortable and well made.

  • Daniel H.


    This is my second pair of this style. I lost my first pair I also have three different styles from GBS

  • Christina B.


    Fits great definitely great colors on them got tons of compliments for wearing them for a week. Also impressed how quick was the delivery.


Popular questions
Do the products come with a warranty?

All our products are subject to quality control.

Our warranty provides a guarantee against manufacturer defects.

The guarantee covers any manufacturing, design, or material defect. Please notify us within 14 days of noticing any defects.

It does not cover blows, improper use, or other issues that are not attributable to a manufacturer defects.

How durable are the materials used?

Our cycling sunglasses are crafted using premium materials to ensure durability and performance. The frames are typically constructed from lightweight and robust materials such as Grilamid TR90 or other advanced polymers. These materials are known for their flexibility, impact resistance, and ability to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities.

The lenses of our cycling sunglasses are made from high-quality materials such as polycarbonate, which are renowned for their clarity, impact resistance, and UV protection. Additionally, our lenses often feature coatings to enhance scratch resistance and reduce glare.

Our commitment to durability extends to all components, including hinges, nose pads, and temple tips. These elements are designed to withstand frequent use and exposure to various environmental conditions.

What is the shipping policy?

We offer Free Shipping.

The estimated delivery time is from 2-3 weeks. Shipping time may be delayed or changed according to many regulations in your country. We will try our best to get the order to you as soon as possible.

What is the Return Policy?

We promise a 14-day products exchange and money back. If for some reason your product came corrupted, please contact us immediately, we will certainly solve the issues and offer a solution.

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